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Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry AppraisalOur independent appraiser, Richard as 45 years of experience appraising fine jewelry. His knowledge and depth will teach you about your jewelry. Richard’s skill and experience is backed by his education in gemology, jewelry design and diamond appraisals.

Richard works with our clients to identify the materials, the workmanship and the condition of the jewelry to evaluate the quality and value in relation to like jewelry. Richard will provide a written jewelry appraisal for each piece of jewelry evaluated.

Bay Hill Jewelers offers Jewelry Appraisal Clinics once a month at each of our locations. View our Jewelry Appraisal Clinic Schedule. Jewelry appraisal prices are based on the number and type of piece for appraisal. Call or email us today to setup a time to have your jewelry appraised. Please be sure to indicate the number of items for appraisal and we will be able to quote you on a price for the appraisal.